Dental Abscess Treatment


Turn to us if you need dental abscess treatment in Shelby, NC

A dental abscess is a growth that affects your gums and the root of your tooth. When you experience consistent or growing pain around a tooth or the entire side of your face, it’s time to turn to Boiling Springs Family Dentistry. Our family-oriented staff is here to make healthy hygiene easily accessible. We’ll take care of any abscess treatment you may need in Shelby, NC.

When an abscess has infected and destroyed the supporting root of your tooth, it’s important that we remove the abscess immediately. By removing the abscess through treatment, we can prevent pain and sickness from occurring. Rely on our knowledgeable team when you need an abscess treatment.

Contact us right now to learn more about what we can do for you during a dental abscess treatment.

Signs you have an abscess

Having a toothache or constant pain is annoying, but the signs of an abscess are different. You should schedule an appointment immediately if you notice:

  • An intense, throbbing pain in a tooth or gum that suddenly and gradually gets worse
  • Pain that spreads to your ear, jaw and neck on the same side as your hurting tooth
  • Pain that becomes worse when you lie down
  • Redness and swelling in your face
  • Shiny, red and swollen gums
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks
  • Bad breath or an unpleasant taste in your mouth

If you notice you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, reach out to our staff right away.